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Conversations on product, UX & design in cryptoWe are a community inspired by the tradition of historical salons to foster open discussion about the crypto ecosystem.
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WHAT IS SALONWe are a discussion community uniting builders, creatives, and crypto curious people to learn in public.

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We host discussions on product, design, and UX in crypto. Check out our calendar and sign up for sessions!

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UPCOMING EVENTSWallet Design Crit SeriesOver 4 sessions, we'll deep dive into various wallets and their UX, user pain points, and areas for innovation.
Salon S1We hosted Season 1 of Salon during Summer 2023, reading and discussing six articles covering topics from decentralized social, fandom, and NFTs.Learn more
Emma KwanI'm a product manager at Coinbase, working on risk user experience. I'm interested in community building, decentralized social, and onboarding people to crypto, and I'm excited to explore these themes with Salon!
Kara WoodI'm a digital entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the industry. I co-founded Healthspan Digital, where our main focus is precision medicine software. My journey began at IBM, and I later co-founded Charle, specializing in Web 3 strategies. Let's build a decentralized future together!
Maria AgraWith an MA in Fine Art, I specialize in designing digital products at the intersection of art, technology, and web3. Currently, I'm a Product Designer at World of Women, where I help our members connect. I'm first and foremost interested in people, so I love working directly with users.
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